Pot of Gold

When going out
is gone away,
the space within
has found its day –
days gone by
return to view
and who we were
will rise anew –
are we sad now
less is more?


Saving the inner child: Life after Cranbrook’s St. Eugene ...


image: http://www.bclocalnews.com

inspiration: Withdrawal from

17 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. The ups and downs of todays’ life – not just in one place or one country – but the whole world over! And we never seem to know “is this going to be the norm?”

    And yes, I’m in a safe “at the moment” country of New Zealand but there are still restrictions. I’ve chosen a path that evolved when we began our severe restrictions in late March, tweaked it a little as we moved down through the levels. My creative making life keeps me from feeling, I’m not entirely missing out

    1. I guess all nations are watching the others to see what works and what doesn’t. Here in the UK we’re doing a pretty good job of exemplifying the latter! I do think people should be praised for making sacrifices for the sake of the most vulnerable, though, more civilised than past eras I think. Yes, here’s to creativity … a pot of gold, indeed!

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