Let It Rip!

 Shit happens and you gotta shout
 with feelings you wanna let out –
 even yer mum
‘as been known to cry Bum
 regardless of rules she might flout!


Worried About Swearing Too Much? Science Says You Shouldn't Be | Discover  Magazine


image: Discover Magazine

inspiration: Swear from https://randomwordgenerator.com

10 thoughts on “Let It Rip!

  1. My mum does not swear, good for her. I was raised in one of those strict environments where you couldn’t even think words that were on the banned list. As a consequence, I have developed the ability to create unique swear words on the fly. They come in a range of spices and colours – If I ever start a brand of cosmetics, I’m going to create my name list while navigating Saturday afternoon traffic. 😂👄💄💅🏽

    1. Hats off to your mum, a worthy role-model to us all! My mum let fly quite often, though my dad had a stricter upbringing and was encouraged to vent his feelings with phrases like ‘Jam and smash the muddy buffer!’

  2. Laughing. My poor wife has to put up with my occasional swearing when my computer decides to act up. I get the look. She is much more tolerant when I let go on Trump. In fact, I believe there is silent approval. 🙂 –Curt

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