Mister Big

he doesn’t swing a pocket-watch and sing
you’re feeeling veeeery sleeeeepy but instead
posts pics of perfect people, paradise
not found without his phony foodstuffs fed
or lost until we buy his products twice –
trance these days is where we dream the world
is what it seems, when what it really is
seems like a dream of what the world could be
except for dreams of what is really his
dressed up to seem like dreams of you and me.

Motorola TV Ad 1951 | Where the whole "its okay for TV to ra… | Flickr

image: Flickr

inspiration: hypnotised from https://randomwordgenerator.com

16 thoughts on “Mister Big

  1. The marketing gurus figured out what captured people’s fears and dreams and then corporations spent fortunes on in promoting these fears and dreams to sell their products. They still do. Reality or truth in advertising has little to do with it. I spent a significant part of my life fighting the tobacco industry, a master of deceit.
    But the abuse of corporations is minuscule in comparison with the lies that Trump and his Republican allies are spreading, and not nearly as damaging. –Curt

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