seeker’s allowance

just imagine a world where no one was
out of work
because something always needed doing


World In The Palm Of Your Hands - Planet Earth Stock Image ...



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16 thoughts on “seeker’s allowance

          1. Yes. We have it here. Do you know that there are income and corporate tax treaties that may require or relieve an entity or person to be taxed or not taxed dually too.

      1. Anthony Newly put it rather succinctly decades ago
        “Stop the World. I want to get off.”
        Unfortunately there is no Planet B on this particular bus route.
        The alternative, changing Planet A for the better, would upset too many shortsighted vested interests.
        Where, oh where, is the All Powerful Benign Dictator when needed?
        Now that’s a JOB and a half 😉

        1. If they ask me, Mike, I will definitely nominate you for the job! And if you can sing like Anthony Newly, I’ll write you some lyrics to shame those pesky vested interests!

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