seeker’s allowance

just imagine a world where no one was
out of work
because something always needed doing


World In The Palm Of Your Hands - Planet Earth Stock Image ...



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16 thoughts on “seeker’s allowance

      1. Anthony Newly put it rather succinctly decades ago
        “Stop the World. I want to get off.”
        Unfortunately there is no Planet B on this particular bus route.
        The alternative, changing Planet A for the better, would upset too many shortsighted vested interests.
        Where, oh where, is the All Powerful Benign Dictator when needed?
        Now that’s a JOB and a half 😉

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        1. If they ask me, Mike, I will definitely nominate you for the job! And if you can sing like Anthony Newly, I’ll write you some lyrics to shame those pesky vested interests!


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