Siege Mentality

Circled round our crumbling walls,
a cruel enemy awaits –
stay indoors, the safety message,
turns to open up the floodgates –
let it rip but raise the drawbridge
every time there’s ups in R rates!


Under Siege -



stimulus: castle from

8 thoughts on “Siege Mentality

  1. Brilliant one, Dave, they are good to get the juices flowing.
    Again I couldn’t resist an acrostic : Covid alert sidelined today. Laudate Economy!
    An alternate ending would be: Longlive Experts.
    It makes one weep ~ so thanks again Dave for your bright light of sanity.

    1. Thanks for that, Mike, and for your beautifully pointed acrostic(s) – the message crystal-clear and fuelled by irony! As to sanity, I’ll be all right after a lie-down in a darkened room …

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