Hoarding Party

Sorting out boxes and drawers,
Through clutter amassed without cause –
Unless you once schemed
For a usage you’d dreamed,
Forgetting since then it was yours!


Treating people with hoarding disorder


image: American Psychological

source: STUFF from https://randomwordgenerator.com

18 thoughts on “Hoarding Party

    1. Actually, Opher, I think you may have stumbled on something – if we all offer to throw away each other’s stuff, no more agonised dithering and the bin would be full in no time!

      1. We will soon be stuffing ourselves into a small RV for a 2-3 month trip, Dave. Knowing where to stuff the stuff and remembering where it is stuffed becomes even more important. It’s amazing how something can get lost in a 22 foot RV. 🙂

        1. Unlike hoarding, though, everything stowed for the present and immediate purpose … just been reading John Steinbeck’s wonderful travel book “Travels With Charley”, so with some envy I wish you both ‘bon voyage’!

          1. “Travels with Charley,” a favorite book of mine, Dave. I think I have read it three times. I’ve also seen his modified RV at the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas, Ca. Thanks! I’ll be posting as we go along. –Curt

          2. Yes, Curt, will give it a while and then certainly re-read it – a book with many hidden depths and often very funny. My wife loves it, too. Have seen the RV in that museum – a sincere and fascinating portrayal of his life, though we sometimes found the sheer amount of sound, visuals and reading matter a little overwhelming.

          3. Didn’t know you had been to the museum, Dave. They did cram a lot into it! When were you there? I did a post on it but I’ll be darned if I could find it. –Curt

          4. Yes, were there to visit a friend in LA and did a car trip up the Big Sur, taking in Salinas on the way back – can’t remember the exact year but it was the early 2000s. We also visited the Hearst castle which was a museum of a different kind!

          5. I love Big Sur, Dave. It’s been one of my go-to places since the sixties when I used to visit in my VW camper. 🙂 For sure. If you want to know how the other half lived, Hearst Castle is the place to go! –Curt

          6. We caught glimpses from the road and managed to identify the place Kerouac camped in his eponymous novel – enjoyed a stopover at Point Lobos near Carmel, though not in a VW camper alas!

          7. There used to be a wide spot in the road below Carmel where people could pull up and sleep in their vehicles just up from Pt. Lobos. That’s where my VW Camper and I would hang out. 🙂

          8. Remember driving around Pt Lobos, very atmospheric place with a sea mist when we were there – plenty of sea otters on their backs and very white sand in the coves which we heard later had been imported from somewhere else.

          9. Don’t know about the white sand, Dave. But wouldn’t be surprised. The ocean has a way of giving and taking away when it comes to sand. And hauling in more sand isn’t unusual when it takes away! Keeps resident and tourists happy. Beyond that it is a magical area. –Curt

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