Universal Cure

While writing my previous post, I hit this link to https://randomwordgenerator.com just to check that it worked and noticed – nowt wrong with my eyesight, see? – a fresh word on display.

Try it. Never the same word twice. This time it was miracle, a gift horse I couldn’t look in the mouth even though I’d only just dismounted the last one.

My mum, wedded to wise saws and sayings, used to say I could never leave well enough alone and – guess what? – she was right. Mums often are. And unlike my dad she had no time for ‘enlightened self-interest’, regarding it as a respectable mask for greed and selfishness, so this one is for her:

My prayer falls on deafened ears 
if hardened hearts are everywhere 
refusing shelter from the storm 
and finding new ways not to care -
charity may start at home - 
leave it there to die alone -
export it and the world's your own.


symbol of kindness | Kindness symbol, Symbols, Kindness


image: Pinterest

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