Open yourself up to the steady pulse of sweet
reason or drift on a dirty tide of sour emotion.


Ocean Pollution and Cleanup


image: ArcGIS StoryMaps

source: or from


4 thoughts on “Arrhythmia

    1. It’s getting beyond a joke … seriously, can’t think of anything funny to say about it. If I can summon the energy, might try satire … a return to Bafflesby, perhaps?

  1. Ah, Bafflesby. A beautiful place of which one says “It has:
    A Rollicking Rhythm I Adore.”
    Lets go there now please – safe, secure, satire rules. No truck with the fake news of real life, eh?

    No pressure, Dave ☺.

    1. Cheers for that, Mike, will take it as a vote of confidence! Satire seems to get harder as life gets more surreal, somehow, but I do like your idea of a creative bolthole … or escape hatch? And fake news could be a springboard … 🙂

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