Dancing in the Dark

My thanks to Mike Halliwell for this snappy little acrostic poem:


Lambeth Walk

To any choreographers who may be reading this, how about some bright new versions of those good old dances to incorporate social distancing? Meanwhile, here’s my own stripped-back acrostic based on a randomly-generated word:


Hmm … that’s either a shock headline in Mountaineering Weekly or an obscure metaphor for, er,  you-know-what! Not much else to talk about, really, is there? Other subjects are available, I’m told, but like homing pigeons my scattered thoughts keep returning to our collective dovecote of doom …

Did I just say that out loud? Well, strange days breed odd outpourings … as absolutely nobody said, ever!

And talking of odd outpourings, here’s another:

Collect enough data today –
Lift lockdown tomorrow, they say.
If stuck in a pit
Maybe digging ain’t it
But ladder-less, hell, dig away!

Oh dear, grumpy or what? There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover in my next post – just you wait and see! – but just for now and while I’m in this somewhat strange mood, let me leave you with the not-so-fresh prince of despair …



image: Vauxhall, Oval & Kennington

source: climb from https://randomwordgenerator.com

12 thoughts on “Dancing in the Dark

    1. None at all, alas, though it passes the time to imagine meanings – perhaps that’s how conspiracy theories start, wacky notions flourishing in an official vacuum.

  1. Good job on the acrostic poems! Great humor and I like it! Great if your lockdown is lifted tomorrow, but still be careful and mask up. Social distancing is important too. Take care

    1. Don’t think it’s going to be lifted yet, not until there is sufficient protective gear and testing which my limerick is sceptical about. Stay safe, GH!

      1. I came a little late to the Doors, only discovering them with the release of LA Woman. But I heard this one after hearing several others, and discovered a side to them I hadn’t suspected.

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