Communication Breakdown (Slight Reprise)

never in our wildest dreams
gulfs that couldn’t come between us
transport to a brighter future
all that clunky wizardry
even our wake-up call is put on hold



source: nightmare from

8 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown (Slight Reprise)

      1. One of my favourite parts of the film is “the horse of a different colour” – to my mind that resonates nowadays too ……

          1. For me it represents two current issues – the unfailing (and aeons old) ability of politicians, of all colours, to answer a different horse to the one they were asked, and also the ability of the steersmen of the ship of state to alter course without transparent rhyme or reason, in the Wonderful Land of Oz. (Apparently in the film they used four different horses and coloured them with food which they had to be restrained from licking off between takes.)

          2. Thanks, Mike … your apt comparisons add a transparent clarity sadly and, yes, tragically lacking in those who claim to lead us. Can’t help thinking that the blond horse at the end of the sequence resembles at least a couple of our Western leaders ….

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