Nine Lives

Inspired by a reply to my previous post, I resolved to write an acrostic verse with just one word per line. Here is Michael Halliwell’s succinct poem, itself inspired by this charming photo:


Image result for sleepy reader


You –



Purr-fect, isn’t it?

I think the art is in its simplicity. Often harder than it looks to marry grammatical sense and apt comedy in a few words!

So when I hit and got discovery, well, my quill wilted. So to speak. It’s not a very funny word.

But then again, just now, it’s not a very funny world.

I try to be hopeful, of course. But in case hope should fall short, this post ends with another cat picture.

Dare I suggest a caption competition? Or even some more one-word-per-line acrostic poems?





Image result for cat and toilet roll



images: Pamper My Pet and Reddit

11 thoughts on “Nine Lives

  1. Dave – thanks for that glowing endorsement – but you are to blame after all! Your posts have really inspired me – so thanks for them too. By the way my computer insists on calling me Michael (that was only ever used by my Mum when I’d done something wrong ☺) – but I happily answer to Mike.
    Please keep the posts coming. In these days of “social isolation” they help connect with the outside world. And your followers are so friendly. Its all very encouraging.

    1. Sorry, Mike, don’t know why I shifted away from the short form after using it for so long! As for all this elbow bumping, seems downright dangerous to me – sending posts so much safer, so future supply will be uninterrupted! 🙂

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