stuff is always
under offer –
plenty more is
planned for
later – fresh addictions
you must suffer

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image: JHU HUB – Johns Hopkins University

source: supply from



8 thoughts on “neophilia

    1. Yup – often making money at the expense of impoverished people further along the supply chain – looking forward to seeing “Greed”, the latest Steve Coogan film, partly based on Philip Green.

  1. It can be good, or at least okay as long as it serves a worthwhile purpose. If you are a backpacker, for example, the latest light weight technology— like a two ounce stove as opposed to a one pound stove— makes a lot of sense. Even more so when you are on the edge of turning 77. 🙂 But novelty for novelty sake, maybe not so good. Especially if it is an addiction and not an occasional detour. Thanks, Dave. –Curt

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