Noblesse Oblige?

In a mood to speak out – particularly after my previous post on pressure to remain silent in the unfair face of social repression – I paid a visit to and was pleased to see understand.

Big words call for big ideas, I reckon, even if they’re a little obvious …


ups and downs are necessaries –
no progress without contraries –
damn the pampered rich from birth
expecting as of right that Earth
reward their unearned cash with more
so deftly lifted from the poor –
try harder says the worklife coach
and should you pick the right approach
no ceiling keeps you from the stars –
drones nod smiley heads in borrowed cars


The real wage gap: The rich are getting richer while the ...




11 thoughts on “Noblesse Oblige?

    1. Wish I could claim credit for the phrase you quote but it’s William Blake’s! My take on it here is that adversity builds character which is why everyone should experience it, not just those at the bottom of the pecking order. With encouragement like yours, Curt, I may be able to keep to my new resolution – be more direct!

  1. Great piece! This mirrors many of my own feelings. I also like the line, ‘so deftly lifted from the poor.’ Seems like the power grabbing rich and exploiting political parties are a now universal problem.

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