Chemistry Lesson

Word Generator: Your word today is glue.
Me: Urgh, sticky!
WG: You don't have to interpret it literally, you know ...
Me: Hunh?
WG: Could be, say, the glue that holds a top band together. 
Me: You mean a contract?
WG: Philistine! No, I mean the musical telepathy that 
    distinguishes great bands from merely good ones!
Me: Oh yeah, I know, that's when the band actually start looking 
    around to see if there's a fifth member playing with them! 
WG: Not if they're a trio ...
Me: Hey, I do the funny stuff!
WG: Well, get on with it then!


going solo – fed the ego
lit the halo – lost the mojo
up & down – career a yoyo
ever after – just a sideshow


Nigerian-German Chemicals Wins at SAP Quality Awards - SAP ...



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