Men in White Coats …

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When my Word Generator app threw up likely, the idea of ‘fact vs opinion’ came to mind. We are entitled to our own opinions, I’ve heard it said, but we are not entitled to our own facts. Hmm. Fact … or opinion?

Let’s not panic nor get manic
If those boffins show we’re doomed.
Keep your cool while some paid fool
Explains how global warming zoomed.
Let’s pretend we’re experts, too!
You go first. What say you?



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images: Gigall & IPCC


4 thoughts on “Men in White Coats …

  1. Christmas brought me a new word “Factfulness” the stress relieving habit of only carrying opinions for which you have strong supporting facts.
    It was coined by statistician Hans Rosling – and certainly rings my bell😉. His thesis is that, while there is plenty of improvement still to be made, the state of the world is not as bad as we ” believe” it to be. (Our opinions are not supported by facts – and that includes everyone!)
    Talking of bells, Happy New Year.

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    1. It’s a word I shall start using forthwith, Mike, so thanks for passing it on. And the Rosling thesis is reassuring. As long as evidence continues to be found and is not tampered with, we should be OK. Happy New Year!


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