Midnight Meditation

I couldn’t let today pass by without saying something about the climate change protests that have taken place around the globe. Let armchair critics have their outraged rants about schoolchildren missing lessons and adult working days being lost, their fury fueled by reactionary media in cahoots with tax evaders and toxic polluters. I believe we’ve heard too much cynical mockery of youthful idealism and more than enough nasty ridicule of the ‘snowflake’ variety. The future belongs to young people and their children and it’s absolutely right that they have their say now, before it’s too late. The times, along with the old demographics, are changing and if politicians understand anything at all it is the power of symbols to change hearts and minds – a power exponentially amplified in the huge whispering gallery of a deregulated social media. In the increasingly faint but fervent hope that our wars can remain purely cultural, I’ve chosen a picture which seems to strike some kind of balance. It’s a balance between science and art, man and nature, pessimism and optimism, work and play, now and forever. After all, as everybody really knows, the best things in life are free …

Image result for climate change pictures


Image: Time Magazine

10 thoughts on “Midnight Meditation

  1. I agree that image is great, it reminds me of:

    They took all the trees,
    And put ’em in a tree museum.

    Written in 1970.

    I love the protest songs of that era – pity that money talks louder. “When will they ever learn?”

    Its very encouraging to see the amazing numbers of supporters for the recent protests – “perhaps they’ll listen now?”.

    Keep posting, Dave.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mike, always good to know that others are on a similar wavelength!

      I feel very lucky that my growing years were touched by the idealism of that period. Plus anger at injustice and selfishness. As Joni sang, ‘Hey farmer farmer/ Put away that DDT now/ Give me spots on my apples/ But leave me the birds and bees/ Please’.

      Words that still strike a chord with the young at heart!

  2. Yeah!!! And this snowflake doesn’t melt!!
    Good for the kids!!
    Time we all stood up against these miserable selfish gits who are wrecking the place!

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