Appy Days!

After far too long struggling with the slowness of my WordPress link, I’ve finally got around to downloading the WordPress App.

No idea why it took me so long. The difference is striking. Typing this now, letters and words appear instantly instead of several seconds later – in effect, I was writing blind and trying to marry what was in my head with whatever eventually showed up on the screen.

The link was so slow that I couldn’t access my list of followed sites, which made managing them well-nigh impossible. Now I can whizz through them – just been unfollowing those who haven’t published in a year or more. The number of these surprised me, as did the higher number that haven’t posted for several months.

also noticed many sites with no information about when they last posted. Does anyone know if such sites are disused? It seems sensible to unfollow redundant blogs and so make it easier to concentrate on active sites.

I haven’t been visiting as much as I should and would be happy to receive heads up and links to posts you think I might like. I well remember doing just that in the early days to build up my readership.

Ah, the boldness of youth!

What am I talking about? That was only three years ago … or was it four?

Ah, the forgetfulness of age! Listen, did I ever tell you about that time at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival when everybody went skinny-dipping?


Oh well … won’t hurt to hear it again, will it? You see, in all the excitement, nobody had thought to pack their cossies …

[That’s enough excitement for today, time for your Ovaltine … Ed.]



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10 thoughts on “Appy Days!

  1. Hello! Hello! Yes the app is the best way to post and reply 😉….Ovaltine in lil red dot has lost out to Milo and I think it is due to marketing really. Personally I prefer Milo as the formula is different than Ovaltine but I love Ovaltine biscuits!! Happy blogging on your new found app!!👍😃

  2. Lummy, Dave – your previous speed of response and frequency of posting was pretty close to the limit of my poor remaining brain cell – are you sure that we lesser mortals will be able to keep with the new super charged you?
    And another thing – Poetry?? One has to work at understanding poetry, here was I lulled into a false sense of security looking forward to a summer of merry chortling to a series of odd comic songs which need little or no effort at all. And what have you given us? Larkin!!
    What about Joyce Grenfell and her stately Galleons, Phil Harris and his Tree, Instant Sunshine’s Ten Gallon Hat, Jake Thackray’s Last Will and Testament, Cab Calloway’s Loose Shoes, Bernstein’s Officer Krupke, Paddy Roberts’ Lavender Cowboy ….?
    If it must be poetry how about Ogden Nash? Or perhaps a tinyweensie bit of Spike?
    Ah well _ I really should stop complaining Dave and just express my gratitude for what you do give us, thanks. And good luck with the turbocharged new look.

    1. Mike, I had no idea you were such an aficianado of the risible lyric – can’t help feeling a little regret that you’re not posting material like that yourself, bet it would be well worth reading/listening to. As for me, well, it’s obviously such a goldmine that I may return later but thought #10 a good place to pause. Poetry? Well, secret vice, but I’ll not overdo it – posts aren’t supposed to be lessons, are they? My new-gained speed of operation is a big relief, thought I was grinding to a halt. Thanks as always for your positive response, Mike, keeps me going too!

  3. I know what you mean about follows, I have a huge list, and I’m sure most are now abandoned sites. Must take a leaf from your book. Thanks for the tip.

    1. To continue your metaphor, Cath, I’m certainly going to prune on a regular basis now I’ve found the key to the garden. Still not sure about those sites that have no posting-frequency details. Think I’ll investigate a few, starting with ones I enjoyed …

  4. True, that many of the folks we once followed have fallen upon the wayside. It takes a certain orneriness to persist in posting beyond six months. On the flip side, I sometimes wonder how many of those listed as followers actually read? I bet it’s down in the 10-15% neighborhood, if that.

    1. Think you’re right, Dave, plenty of skating around and not much dwelling! That said, don’t exempt myself entirely from the tendency … probably need to concentrate on those – like yourself – with worthwhile content!

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