Melodious Mirth 9

My mini-history of comedy music is coming to an end.

That’s not because I’ve run out of material – on the contrary, I’ve never produced so many draft posts, each with a musical comedy gem waiting for me to add some words of introduction. I just think it’s time to wind things up.

My previous post took a turn towards a harder edge of humour with satirical sideswipes at the Vietnam War (Country Joe MacDonald) and Cult Religion (Frank Zappa), so how about keeping the satire sizzling with this splendid spoof from Down Under that kicked new life into the semi-comatose novelty-song genre?

It’s also, by my standards, bang up-to-date – well, more recent than most of what I listen to! – which may improve my somewhat shabby street-cred and help me get down with the kids and stuff. So for now I’ll leave Chas & Dave and The Two Ronnies, not to mention The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band … [You just did! Ed.] … though of course I’m always open to reader requests … [So much for street-cred! Get on with it! Ed.]

Yeah, right, don’t want to alienate the younger element … future of blogging and all that … so it’s over to “New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo” for something or other hot and happening from where it’s at … [Where’s that? Ed.]


6 thoughts on “Melodious Mirth 9

  1. Dave that was spiffing – as were your other choices. Thanks.
    But “readers requests” are you serious? I have a list as long as both my arms: Flotsom and Jetsom “Mrs Peer Gynt”; Salad Days “Hush Hush”; Flanders and Swann “The War of 14 18”; Neil Innes “Slaves of Freedom”; The Ruttles “Eine Kleine Middle Klass Musik”; Peter Sellers “Bangers and Mash”; Victoria Wood “Let’s do it”; Fascinating Aida “Suddenly New Zealand”; Tim Minchin “Prejudice”
    And that’s just for starters – I could go on, and on, and on ……….
    Now I am looking forward to your next zig zag – no pressure, Dave. Thanks:-)

    1. Fascinating list, Mike, recognised four or five and the rest I for one will certainly check out. My choices were heavy on nostalgia – current efforts at quasi-autobiography are probably steering me that way – but it’s good to know comedy is still giving audiences new perspectives on today’s world. My goodness, we need them …

    1. They’re funny and talented, a killer combination – and a killer combo! Their comedy sit-com is well worth watching – the action is interspersed with musical send-ups like this. They get away with it, I think, because they’re good enough to sound like the real thing.

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