Melodious Mirth for Your Amusement

Well, folks, you’ll be pleased to hear that the never-ending search for suitable subjects for a nomad in cyberspace (the wonderings of a zig-zag wanderer) proceeds apace!

Our research department is, at this very minute, trawling through the worldwide interweb for items of interest. You can rest assured that the moment anything sufficiently fascinating is found, it will appear here.

So while we’re waiting for material that may meet our exacting standards of quality control, here is a musical interlude. And in keeping with our policy of trying to please as many punters as possible, it also includes humour.

Humor, even.

In fact, should this receive a favourable response, our production department will consider further posts containing funny music.

After all, the way things are going, we could all do with a little cheering up …


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