Green Breakthrough?

Following on from my previous post, you might like to hit the link below for some positive news.

Well, it’s a start! Good to know ‘people power’ can have a favourable outcome, anyhow! And unlike the result of the UK referendum, this popular vote does at least have the benefit of some solid scientific expertise. It’s not a complete leap into the dark.

Could schemes such as this, I wonder, help us bridge seemingly irreconcilable social and political divisions?


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15 thoughts on “Green Breakthrough?

  1. Yes, it would be wonderful BUT with 7.7 BILLION HUMANS on this poor dying planet, that will never happen until after we have collapsed, there are simply too dam many of US & we want MORE!

    Every day, millions of hectares of land is destroyed to house, water & feed MORE HUMANS, more living things are shoved out of their homes to die & die they do.
    Thousands of dead seabirds line some Alaskan beaches, hundreds of whales are also washing up dead on the worlds beaches, bellies full of indigestable PLASTIC, more birds fail to return or nest in spring, the “Silent spring” that Rachael Carson warned us about so many years ago is here.

    My flowers are blooming but there are no insects to feed on or pollenate them, record breaking floods have prevented planting, record breaking heat is killing people in India & in the middle east, drought has killed crops in Australia, now they have to import wheat while the US will have less food to export.

    We won’t be “rewilding”, we will instead keep destroying what little of the wild still exists until it’s all gone.
    The last male Sumatran rhino is DEAD with more rare beautiful living things soon to follow.

    1. Thanks for that, Sheila, and I absolutely share your dismay at the environmental atrocities we as a species are committing on a daily basis. As the great comedian Bill Hicks once said, ‘The human race is a virus in shoes’. There are far too many vested interests in ‘business as usual’, I fear, and it will take a social and political earthquake to get things changed. But the horror stories you rightfully tell are part of that process, as indeed are visionary imaginings of a different world. I’m not optimistic but I remain, perhaps foolishly, ever hopeful …

  2. Great idea. I’m not quite as pessimistic as your commenter above. Yes, we will probably destroy ourselves, but life in some form will follow. In the meantime, we do what we can. (K)

    1. I’m also not quite ready to throw in the towel – in these days of mass communication, changes of hearts and minds can be quite rapid. Once people begin to see the effects of rewilding, I’m sure they’ll get behind it.

      1. There are billions of people with no access to the internet, many can’t even read or write but they can reproduce.
        Too many other people who do have internet access & who can read & write, read mainly fiction, fiddle with their cell phones or play games.
        Too many people also believe in things PROVEN to be UNTRUE, like a FLAT EARTH, EVIL SPIRITS, ANGELS, DEMONS, DEVILS & OF COURSE THE “GODS”, THOUSANDS OF IMAGINARY “GODS”! Some are even willing to kill others who believe differently even though there is no EVIDENCE that can prove who if anyone is right.

        Millions here also believe that “renewables”, “veganism” growing your own food, buying an EV etc can “save the world”, unfortunately, it cannot.
        Renewables are just another way to burn OIL for a profit & most of us cannot afford to buy such a system or their RENTERS, veganism is not healthy, growing your own food isn’t possible for most of us & buying & EV just burns more OIL, there just isn’t any way out of our DELEMA, we have done too much damage & there are just too dam many of us & too many of us are unable to live any less damaging lives without dying.
        We will of course try to reduce our impact, many of us in the rich world can but for the billions of the worlds poor, they can’t go any lower.
        We waited too long without doing what needed to be done & our RULERS continue to push for more GROWTH, they continue to ban birth control, ban sex education, ban the emancipation of women & abortions is again being banned in the USA forcing more females to have children they do not want & cannot afford.
        Even areas we once thought were protected are being opened up to the DESTROYERS, LOGGERS, MINERS & DEVELOPERS!
        “Rewilding” hasn’t a chance against HUMAN GREED!

        I’m afraid humans are going to end up as just another failed experiment, life will evolve again, just not intelligent life.

        1. I find myself in agreement with quite a lot of what you say here, including your concern that inequalities between people lead to poor communication and that one result of relative poverty is overpopulation.

          I agree that there is too much irrational thinking and escapism, with too many ‘fiddling while Rome burns’. There’s far too much dark propaganda, turning certain disadvantaged groups into scapegoats to divert attention from those who are really to blame – the secret money behind the rampant greed you rightly criticise.

          Things are undeniably bad but I don’t agree that there is no hope of improvement. It’s because we’re an evolved species – not a ‘failed experiment’ which implies a hidden designer! – that we can, if we choose, take things in a different direction. Call me a deluded optimist but I continue to have faith in human resourcefulness and our ability to reinvent ourselves. Ecological management is a new role that we could become quite good at, once we take it to heart.

  3. Let’s not forget that the human race is a product of nature. The soulless cities we have built are as much a part of nature as the oceans and the forests and the deserts. We have to decide where we want the balance to be. And we have to implement policies that will deliver that vision. It’s at that last step that I fear we will fail.

    1. Any continuing human evolution is, I believe, cultural rather than physical – as intensely social animals, we yearn to be part of winning teams whose total effect is greater than the sum of their individual parts. Only this can secure the future for those who follow.

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