Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I’ve voted Labour all my adult life, in every single election – whether local, national or European. But on Thursday I’m going to break the habit and vote Green.

I’m attracted by their coherent policy on Brexit, sure, although I’m equally drawn to the message so clearly given below by this remarkable young lady and endorsed by so many of her peers around the world. It really is time to listen to those who will be most affected by the future we are giving them.

11 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. Dave I have a brother in law who is more right wing than I imagine Attilla the Hun was. The other day, he astounded me by revealing that, against his “natural instinct”, he had voted to remain in the EU – for his grandchildren’s sake!
    Voting for the benefit of those who will reap the rewards rather than for naked self interest is an interesting development in the “progress on man”. One I completely endorse – and attempt to follow.

    1. Thank you, Mike, your story brings me hope that the usual stereotypes are in fact more subtle and nuanced than we might think. People are, thank goodness, infinitely surprising and the situation may not be as polarised as it might sometimes appear. I do think a less selfish, less individualistic consciousness may be evolving and seeking new forms of expression as we speak …

    1. Thanks for that, Opher! Think I’m taking the opportunity to make a protest – if and when Labour gets its act together on Brexit and the environment, I’ll no doubt be returning to the fold!

  2. With you, Dave. I’ve always voted Labour or Green anyway, but now for the first time in over 60 years I am now a proud member of a political party – the Greens.

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