When You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging …

… although it can be surprising what comes to light when you look. Here (as the ‘Blue Peter’ presenters would say) is one I prepared earlier: 

When buying things it pays to read the labels
For sell-by dates and sugar overload,
But never trust those advertisers’ fables –
Their promises will sell you down the road.

No product yet invented makes you cheerful
When sad and lonesome feelings fill your head –
The more you buy, the more you will be fearful
That folk are out to rob you in your bed.

When future archaeologists dig landfill,
They’ll wonder why we needed so much stuff!
Then suddenly they’ll come across a handbill:

They’ll see the advert model madly grinning –
Poor sod, they’ll say while safeguarding the proof,
To muddle mere consumption up with winning,
Mistaking greedy lies for grown-up truth!


Image result for snake oil


Image: The Creative Cottage

14 thoughts on “When You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging …

  1. Absolutely Dave. Retail therapy is never the answer to finding happiness. It usually ends up with remorse and regret when the credit card statement comes in. May you find joy and laughter in the right places.

  2. The local, neighborhood bookstore may be an exception, Dave. Buying a new book always cheers me up! Beyond that, Greed Inc. takes over and teaches us to buy all sorts of things we rarely need and often pay much more for them than they are worth. Why buy the generic happy drug for five bucks when the new designer drug is available for $50, or $500. “Ask your doctor,”as they say in the ads. An impeccable source of information that the drug rep just took to lunch. –Curt

    1. Some solid hits on the quackery factory here, Curt! I’m convinced the root cause of over-consumption is poor self-esteem. If only we could all feel better about ourselves – protecting the planet for future generations would be a good start!

          1. Interesting article that I read on millennials this morning, Dave, in how they are rejecting certain aspects on materialism in the US. Part of it has to do with the high price of owning a house, car, eat. while paying off the almost criminal college loans this nation let happen. But, none-the-less, they seem to be enjoying their new lifestyle. Must drive the capitalists crazy!

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