Unfinished Business

Another find from my folders, this sonnet – thanks to young people around the world – isn’t yet history!

Once upon a time we wandered wild
And free to choose from nature’s mighty store –
But all too soon, alas, we were beguiled
By dreams of staying put and having more.
As seedbanks swelled, our heads began to fill
With visions of a life spent free of toil –
The clink of gold and silver in the till,
The clash of bronze and iron, the glug of oil.
We built ourselves a glass and concrete prison
And spread consumer culture round the world –
With economic growth our only mission,
The planet warmed and giant oceans boiled.
Our story ends where history began –
A choice to make, if make it still we can.

October 2012


Image result for climate change protests


Image: Financial Times

13 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. A clarion call, for sure. I wonder if disaster will have to be complete be roe we finally see the light. And while we all participate, I also wonder if those most responsible will ever assume any of the blame. I doubt it. –Curt

    1. Regretfully, Curt, I have to concur. We need some civic values but they seem in short supply. I have some hopes for the rising generation where ours, despite our early promise, have rather disappointed.

      1. Sometimes, Dave, when things seem dark, as they do so often today, I remind myself of the issues we were fighting for in the 60s so I can remind myself of the very real progress we’ve made. –Curt

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