In A Twist – a story in 100 words

Hide-and-Seek was the closet contortionist’s favourite – squeezing into out-of-the-way nooks-and-crannies, overhearing distant discoveries, knowing she wouldn’t be next Seeker. Whenever searching ceased she’d creep up behind them – hiding-places still secret – and mock their burning envy for the Queen of Disappearances.

Until now. A sneeze betrays her. First-found, it’s her turn to count one-hundred. Giggles recede to the mockery of silence. She knows all the places but saunters round securing windows and entrances. Front-door last.

Street-corner reached, she hurls their tin – joke-shop sneezing-powder – into the bushes. Hers – a fuel-can – she grips harder before a final backward glance at the blazing house.


Image result for sunlight through window


Image: Colourbox

8 thoughts on “In A Twist – a story in 100 words

  1. Contortionist has nothing on you, Dave. Here I am thinking what a thoroughly good and nice guy you are – then kerpow, crikey and crumbs – what a dark twist. I didn’t see that coming – but like most good stories I am now busy constructing the back story to explain how someone is driven to arson via a sneeze!
    They say that most actors enjoy playing evil characters, is it the same for writers?
    Keep them coming, Dave.

    1. Know what you mean, Mike, not sure why it took the direction it did – maybe all the confusions in the news are making me feel, er, murderous! Must admit it is a bit ‘League of Gentlemen’! Thanks again for the support.

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