Lest I Forget – a story in 100 words

Go!‘ yells the officer, blowing his whistle.

Climb the trench-wall, troop-of-pals, moving as one. All you been through together, well, nothing parts you now.

Once up, your line maintains a steady walk. Fearing friends may fall in front, you struggle to keep up through quagmires. Ahead, splashes of spent bullets. Few steps more and fresh-air starts screaming.

Giant punches flatten you.

Walk on, grief-stricken.

Sit in crimson mud-pools, crying Mother.

Somehow reach enemy trenches – try and shoot.

Crazy, look for limbs lost in mud.

Sudden darknesses.

Carry home casualties.

Conduct silent roll-calls.

Hope for rescue out here beneath icy stars.


Image result for no man's land


Image: The British Army

10 thoughts on “Lest I Forget – a story in 100 words

      1. Dave, I was so heartened to find that you also are not a red poppy wearer. It would be very good if there were a way to show support for all the victims of war – perhaps you and your followers could invent a suitable symbol? No pressure of course 😃. Mike

        1. Hi, Mike, I understand the white poppy was intended to convey an anti-war belief arising from the act of remembrance – perhaps too close to the original, though. I rather like the dove and olive branch with its eco dimension, but will reflect further on the question. Thanks.

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