Vault Finding #4

Looking through my unpublished drafts, I found this intriguing quotation. The only thing I know for sure about it is that the words aren’t mine. But they did prompt me to write the poem which follows.

“I was talking this week to a friend who is dying. We talked about the meaning of death, whether our consciousness survived our passing, and if so in what form. We talked about the love in action he had experienced from his family, his friends and others during his illness. He described how humbling and touching this was, while tears of joy welled up in his eyes.

We soon realised that in talking about the meaning of death, we were at the same time talking about the meaning of life. How that special human quality which infuses our lives with true meaning and deep satisfaction – the sharing of love through action – somehow survives beyond our brief physical life here, to live on within the hearts and lives of those who remain. Who then in turn pass this on, relayed in pure undiluted form, when their own time comes. An essence of life that is unbound, and eternal.

We then wondered whether we were in fact talking about heaven – and if so, how lucky we were to have found heaven on earth.”

This has certainly struck a chord with me so I’ll take the liberty of adding a few words of my own by way of response. With apologies to Franz Kafka, William Faulkner and Johnny Rotten!

no future
for you are now
and only now

what then

no then
for you are now
and always now

no once upon a time
the past is never dead
it is not even past

for you

are always

and always now
you are forever
if only in the thoughts
of those who know you


like a spotlight
moving through the dark

ever a bright spark
to kindle fires
of fierce remembrance

ever a steady point of light
where now

and now

and now
the dark is not


so dance


Image result for american indian dance


Image: World Arts West

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