Scraping the Barrel

Image result for the numskulls

This is an actual photo taken inside my head two minutes ago. It shows my inner progress chaser, who has just noticed my previous post is over a week old, hustling my inner creative director for a new one.

Hmm, could be a while, by the looks of it! Time to pour myself a beer. Perhaps the words will start flowing, too.

Image result for pouring bottled beer gif

I mean, it’s not as if there’s nothing to write about. If anything, there’s too much. The world is awash with woes and wonders. Where do you start?

And when you’ve started, then what? This, that and the other. Mostly the other, knowing your luck, after which you’ll scrabble around for a way to end the damn thing. Not with a bang but a whimper, more than likely! Then it’s Preview and … Publish!

Or Move to trash.

Question is, does the blogosphere really need another lament about how hard it is to come up with anything half worth saying? Should I not keep this guilty little secret under wraps and free up the ‘airwaves’ for those who really do have plenty to say for themselves?

Nah, feel my pain, peeps!


See the source image


PS  Well, that was nice. Fresh and hoppy with a hint of citrus. Pleasantly analgesic, too …

9 thoughts on “Scraping the Barrel

  1. That first cartoon reminded me of an old comic strip where this bunch of guys live in this fellas head and there are the various departments, ears, eyes, mouth etc It might have been the numbskulls or something . . Basically, that’s what we need up there, someone to feed us both some new blog post ideas!
    I feel your pain Dave . .

  2. Change the gender of the occupiers, and that’s how I’ve always visualised the inside of my head too. That cartoonist has a lot to answer for – it’s probably why I failed my biology exams.

  3. I stumbled upon this at the end of a long hiatus from the blogosphere. I feel like my biggest enemy is my resistance to trashing an idea that has overstayed its welcome and yielded nothing.

    You know what? I’m gonna go through and clear my drafts that I have hanging around. I need to oust old ideas and welcome the new ones.

    Not entirely sure if that was the meaning, I kind of extrapolated my own lol. Either way it was good for me to think about the process. Thanks for the read man!

    1. Thanks for your response. My difficulty is in bringing posts to completion before junking them because they seem lame or self-indulgent. My drafts tend to be sketchy ideas which need development but it’s a good idea to go through them – maybe combine them in new posts. Best of luck with yours!

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