Forced Entry

Well, my fellow blogster, perhaps you know what it’s like to go several days longer than usual between posts and still find yourself with little to say and even less inclination to say it?

My urge is to say something … anything! Best to come clean, I reckon, and confess that my hunger for input has exceeded my desire to output.

If you have the time, here is a link to something I’ve been reading. It’s plenty long enough without any more from me but I’d really like to hear what you think. Are we really entering an era when there is no point saying anything?

Image result for denial

6 thoughts on “Forced Entry

  1. I think this happens to many people who blog, either then start off great and then, hubris hits the fan and they become waylaid like an author who has writer’s block.

    I had this happen and quite social media and blogging for a couple of years. I no longer am on social media, except Twitter. But got back into blogging again by focusing in on what I want to write and talk about. And it’s not world politics. Focus in on what makes you happy.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful and perceptive response, Alex – you describe the stage I’m at very well. I still want to change the world but it’s probably a good idea to start wherever I am and see what happens … from little acorns mighty oak trees grow, or something! As EM Forster said, Only connect.

  2. I still seem to have verbal diarrhoea, Dave.
    I did read that article. It is a bit chilling really – I think this post-truth era really creates instability and threatens democracy.

    1. Haha, well, at least you don’t have to call in the literary equivalent of Dyno-Rod! Think I’ve become a little intimidated by the gathering forces of reaction and the retreat from reason and common sense that we’ve experienced. I do think we need a new code of conduct for public debate, one which makes a priority of evidence and civility. At the moment it’s so easy to think. Where on earth do I start? Here, I suppose, and now …

  3. Sorry, Dave, that article took much too long to make its point. You’ll have to summarise it for me because I got bored about 1/3 of the way through and stopped reading. Having said that, I recognise and despise the rise of denialism. The scary thing is that it seems to be such an integral part of human nature that there’s no solution short of waiting a few million years for evolution to build a better human species. Now I’m going to cry into my breakfast juice … unless you can tell me what action I can take to beat the denialists. 😢

    1. You’re quite right, of course, that posting a hyperlink is no substitute for engaging with ideas and coming up with one’s own version. True, too. that identifying problems is only half the job when what we really need are solutions. As always you have got me thinking. The least I could do is dedicate my next post to reason versus unreason – maybe taking the satirical route that seems to come naturally. A way forward, perhaps, is that denial “seems to be … an integral part of human nature” whereas denialism is a cultural problem which could be tackled collectively. Watch this space for Plan B … and thanks again for your input!

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