Renga to Return

Here is the finished poem.

I am very grateful to those who have contributed their own words. Their sites, all of which I can recommend, are hyperlinked below.

10 lines are mine – the first and final tankas.

Eyes down for stray coins
Or lonesome tweets. So what, if
Dull skies lack twitter?

Where are the swifts blown? Summer’s
On hold till they’re back on course.

Of course, coins enrich,
as much as the swift’s sweet song,
while tweets leave minds dull.

Autumn, elevate my thoughts
on gentle, warming updrafts.                                     theceaselessreaderwrites

Random thoughts sail away
thinking of winter’s cold breath,
for a time to come.

Summer’s warmth will carry us
through the snow, and biting winds!                         Alex

or perhaps stardust–
sparks lingering, seasonless
and filled with wishes come true                                memadtwo

But now with winds low
Bathed in a silver moonlight
I dream of fortune.

Coins tossed in a sacred well
To protect the innocent.                                              Christine Valentor

The seasons return,
Untainted by human hand,
Playgrounds for fresh thoughts.

Look – old nests new tenanted –
And above, tweets and cartwheels.



Image result for swifts



Image: Oxford Mail

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