Time and Tide

D oncha got a clue who I am, occifer?
I were this big ‘fore you was grass-high to a knee-hopper
S o howzabout a little respect where it’s due, huh?
A skin’ a worl’-famous
P ersonage to move on like he were just a
P iece of … ain’t no word of a lie, on the TV
E very single day of the week I were
A t one time … twice on Tuesdays!
R ing your grandma. She’ll remember.


Image result for newspaper in the gutter


Image: The Economist

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Disappear

14 thoughts on “Time and Tide

  1. We are surrounded by lavender… front and back yard! But no grandmother. The bees and butterflies are abuzz, happy and busy however. Maybe there are some grandmothers among them. And our 15 minutes of fame… Damn, where did they go! Make way old people, there’s a new generation biting the bit. But then again, I’ve seen a few new generations in my time. –Curt

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    1. Your picture of bucolic bliss cheers me mightily, Curt, ample consolation for my failure to hit the big time. Could be worse. At least we’re not famous for being famous and wondering how to keep the ball rolling …


          1. Laughing. There is famous and infamous. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. Both, it seems, can bring wealth and power. I remember reading that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Sad, but often true. –Curt

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