Harbour Limits

A nchored by our Daily Prompt’s
W hatever,
K nowing rougher seas we’d drift
W herever –
A re we sorry tame and tethered, or safer
R olling out there in the wild blue yonder?
D ecision time. Ripples or waves?


Image result for harbour walls


Image: nomadlens

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Awkward

7 thoughts on “Harbour Limits

      1. Its not the roughs I worry about, it’s becoming be-calmed (at least I think that’s the correct term). Thing is, as someone famous said somewhere much more elegantly, if you don’t set out, you can’t arrive. I think I need that tattooed on the back of my hand.

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        1. Yes, frighteningly easy to get stuck in one’s ways and become risk-averse, think I’ll join you in the queue outside that tattooist parlour! Maybe it would help to imagine – not difficult, lately – that there’s a conspiracy of silence, or worse, to silence …


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