Inner Visions

O ut there hangs a web of lies
B ut here within are truths
S o make a vow to cut the ties
E scape their empty oaths
R eturn to thoughts that could be wise
V iew a world without disguise
E spy some straighter paths


Image result for paths


Image: RECOVER Injury Research Centre

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Observe

5 thoughts on “Inner Visions

  1. How to sift the wheat from the chaff is always the challenge, Dave. I’d like to think we have an inner compass but I am afraid we are more like computers without guidance: Garbage in, garbage out. There is wisdom out there, however, for those who seek it. Good post. –Curt

    1. It’s getting the balance right, I suspect. And as you rightly say, Curt, one has to dip one’s toe in the waters to judge the temperature … if that isn’t too obscure. And even if it is … 🙂

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