Strum Pet

F ame beckoned. Guitar bought. Arm
r eadied. Book opened. Chords
e xamined. Delight dampened. Endurance
t ested. Found wanting. Guitar sold.

This bit of nonsense brings to an end another week of wonky words in response to WordPress Daily Prompts.

Better quit while I’m ahead or else, as my ever-alert Mum never stopped warning me, I’ll stay like it! And my ever-alert readers will have noticed a slightly disturbing obsession with insignificant detail insofar as all the capital letters are guitar chords in perfect sequence – FGABCDEFG.

How crazy is that?

Hmm, time to lie down in a darkened room and dream up ideas for the next post! Something a bit more substantial and sustained, methinks … maybe something triggered by any replies this one gets?

Ha, no pressure, I can always return to my default topic – the endless void at the hollow heart of nothingness … 😉 … In the meantime, remember not to fret!


Image result for out of tune guitar gif


Gif: Tumblr

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Fret



17 thoughts on “Strum Pet

  1. I thought this was quite clever. My significant other plays the guitar, so I know how difficult it is to master. I tried to play for awhile, but gave it up. I’m not fretting about it, lol! 😀

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it! Actually, I do play so it’s not strictly autobiographical, but if I hadn’t learned the chords aged 17 I would have found it very hard learning them now I’m old! Then there are all those minors, sharps & flats and diminished whatnots … 😀

  2. Is detail ever insignificant? This seems apt – a hidden delight for those in the know: not me. I’ve only admired those who strum strings.

    Though as I once had three or four piano lessons, I guessed there was some musical message in those capitals. Nicely done.

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