Looking Up (7/8)

Part 7 and the thick plottens …

Image result for Swallow

S een online, Bob knows that the ebay bracelet
W as identical to the one stolen and posted as Missing.
A ll the Lucky Charms are there, present and correct.
L ong hours spent searching likely sites has paid off.
L ooking up from screen-glare with relief, he sees movement.
O utside the window-bars of his cell a bird swoops and soars,
W ingbeats flashing a secret semaphore to freedom.

Continued on Are We There Yet?

Ha, turns out that cyberspace may not be the complete waste of time our mummies and daddies keep telling us it is.

What do they know? The kids are alright …


Image: Pinterest

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Swallow

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