Swings And Roundabouts or What Goes Around Comes Around (4/8)

In the words of that immortal sage, sacred keeper of all questions and answers, Magnus Magnussen:

I’ve started, so I’ll finish.

That’s pretty well how I feel about this odd little story I’ve begun.

It started with “Ain’t Me, Guv’!”, continued with Doing The Right Thing and was updated with Inside … which precedes this one. Apart from the storyline they have two things in common – all are acrostic poems generated by consecutive WordPress Daily Prompts. Today’s word is Talisman.

T heft of bling, the big-time sting they fling at Blushing Bob
A long with shame that shoulda came to brazen Yellow Gob.
L ucky Charms – the purloined piece – in silver, jewels and gold.
I t weren’t so much the money as the fortune-hunt gone cold!
S o when a Missing poster hits the interweb, tout suite,
M any a fortune-hunter puts out feelers on the street.
A nd locked away, though learning skills, poor Bob finds laptop rapture –
N o time at all before he’s clocked those Charms that caused his capture.

Continued in Sitting on the Fence


Image result for lucky charms jewelry 


Image: Pinterest

16 thoughts on “Swings And Roundabouts or What Goes Around Comes Around (4/8)

  1. Ooh charms on a bracelet..I spotted the 4 leaf clover, horse shoe and it is missing a rabbit’s foot for good luck. Nicely done here Dave! Hmm…now I wonder if Tiffany has these in stock LOL!

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