Sitting on the Fence (5/8)

After Swings And Roundabouts, would you like to go on the slide? And on that pathetic note, welcome to Part 5 of this curious little drama:

F rance, La Belle, c’est magnifique si vous avez des euros.
O ut of ready cash, an expat bon viveur just suffers!
R ealising capital is Yellowbaby’s answer.
E bay is his port of call, the desperate little chancer!
I t’s easy to upload a photo, showing off his Charms
G osh, not those, you naughty things – think WordPress Smut Alarms!
N o, keep it clean, remember Bob whose innocence this harms.

Continued in Ya Lose Some, Ya Winsome!


Image result for gavel on computer screen


Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Foreign


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