Inside … (3/8)

After Doing The Right Thing, here is Part Three of the Not-So-Sweet Saga …

I nside … prisoner Bob Down protests his innocence.
N obody takes a blind bit of notice.
V indication cannot come when you’re cherry red.
I t’s a clear-cut case of no fire without smoke.
S kin may be thin but it’s too thick to see through.
I nside …
B ob goes to ground afraid of a baying hound.
L ights Out is at ten o’clock but long before then his
E yes, dull as dishwater, have turned to the wall.


Image result for cell window


Continued in Swings and Roundabouts or What Goes Around Comes Around


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4 thoughts on “Inside … (3/8)

  1. Nooo! My poor Bob! Where is the justice? He should ask to be taken to the infirmary to be experimented on to be a shifter of colors so that he can escape and exact his revenge. Free Bob Down!✊

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