Doing the Right Thing (2/8)

Following on from my previous post – “Ain’t Me, Guv’!”  – here is a news update:

I (the yellow jelly baby) have a confession to make.
D own by name, down by destination, poor blushing Bob
E ats prison porridge while I – the real culprit –
N eck champagne and chomp chateaubriands … in a chateau!
T ravesty of justice, of course, and in all good conscience
C an’t possibly allow him to – mmm, so delicious! – allow him to …
A h,
L eave it!

Image result for chateau

Continued in Inside …

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9 thoughts on “Doing the Right Thing (2/8)

  1. What a shifty one he is! He fools you with his happy yellow color only to be a downright scoundrel! I hope all the browns, pinks, and reds from eating chateaubriands turns him a nasty shade of brown to reflect his moral character. Shame Yellow! Shame!

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