The Waiting Game

P ushing buttons connected to nothing,
A sking for help when nobody’s by,
T rying to leave when there’s nowhere to go,
I llness and danger and no end to why?
E mbracing loved ones who can’t be protected,
N o answers to children whose questions accuse …
C an you rest easy while others are helpless,
E xpect them to suffer what you would refuse?


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8 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Thankfully, the kids in Florida are refusing to take no for an answer! The NRA tried to say that their actions were influenced by adults. 17 of their classmates had just been killed. The NRA and their allies backed off of that argument quickly. –Curt

    1. First principles, often the highest, are not the exclusive property of adults. I think many of us are watching this youth movement with interest. And interesting that my poem, otherwise quite generalised, triggered associations with the Florida events.

  2. I feel this piece to cover so many topics. I agree with your intent of generalization. It is concentrated with provoking dialogue for change. Thank you.

    1. And thank you. So many things about the way we live push us away from compassion and towards selfishness. My mum warned me about this and argued with everybody who denied that this was happening. Bless her!

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