Death of Romance – a Grimmer Limerick

N ever before could we share
O ur innermost thoughts through thin air!
I f you dream we can dance
S yncopated by chance,
E xpect our cold moon to care!


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Image: Wattpad

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13 thoughts on “Death of Romance – a Grimmer Limerick

  1. You are fantastic at writing acrostics! This has such a palpable atmosphere, from your choice of words, imagery, to its rhyme and rhythm (the image is a nice addition, too. A very nice fit). I’ve only written a few acrostics, but I really should try them more often. It’s a great form. “If you dream we can dance” is probably my favorite line here; the alliteration is nice, love the imagery, and it flows beautifully with the poem’s rhyme scheme.

    1. Thanks for saying such nice things – in our somewhat callous world, praise always feels good! I thoroughly recommend trying tight forms like limericks. They force you to concentrate and you (well, I) have an angry tussle with them till they stop fighting me. Every word has to count and this somehow stimulates the flow of ideas. Freer forms make me feel a bit agoraphobic …

    1. And cold in the sense of indifferent … as much chance of the moon caring about us, I meant, as that successful communication between people can happen by accident. Not easy to fit that in a limerick, which is why I like trying!

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