Not Again Without Pain? – a story in 100 words

Noodle Soup’s reunion-gig went way better than expected.

Their secret weapon? Peregrine’s fruit-punch. Nobody seemed to notice the taste of moonshine – everybody danced their little cotton-socks off to a seamless succession of wholly-unrehearsed free-form jazz-rock improvisations drenched in stray feedback and bathed in random colour-patterns from erstwhile whizz-kid Lancelot’s increasingly woozy light-show.

When the artificial barrier between band and audience vanished it became unclear who was doing what for who.

Much later Crispin announced their encore – a brand-new number entitled Who Needs Experts? – before attempting to crowd-surf a now-empty dancefloor. Most of the door-money went towards his cosmetic surgery.



Image result for psychedelic light show


Image: pOoTer’s pSycheDelic shack

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5 thoughts on “Not Again Without Pain? – a story in 100 words

  1. Moonshine can be plenty potent, like 151 proof rum that I used to carry backpacking. When people came into camp at the end of a tough day, I’d give them a little in tea. It did amazing things for the grouchies! –Curt

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