Empty Promises

Yes, Doctor WordPress, I was going to give acrostics a rest but … well, you see, I noticed that your Daily Prompt word was Dim and … oh, you know how it is, when that little old urge grabs you by the … I mean, a three-letter word, almost begging you to write a haiku or two … OK, six, but I’ll give ’em up for Lent … promise!

D arkness cloaks the world –
I t’s an eclipse but some think
M onsters eat the sun.

D on’t heed no science!
I t ain’t their place to know what
M y old book don’t tell ’em!

D o you come here much?
I say that it’s my first time.
M ine too. What’s it like?

D unces’ Corner, where
I learned teachers’ predictions
M ostly would come true.

D istant galaxies
I cannot name or number
M oving out of sight …

D ave, switch off that light,
I must get my beauty sleep!
M mm, darkness helps …


Image result for darkness



Image: The religious imagineer


13 thoughts on “Empty Promises

  1. Dave, enjoyable post as usual – it’s nice to find someone else who submits to the temptation of little urges, so easily and so often.
    I liked the final one especially – it seems beautifully and succinctly to convey the sentiment of that line in the Judge’s song from Trial by Jury, “she may well pass for 43 in the dusk with a light behind her”.
    Please continue to keep your promises empty if these poems are the result.

    1. Thanks, Mike, for your gracious comment. I’m hoping they’ll make backsliding an Olympic sport. The line you quote is terrific – must look up the G&S libretto, always wicked lyrics! Hope to continue disappointing my readers long into the foreseeable future …

  2. Just can’t resist, can you, Dave. My fav… “Don’t heed no science…” Such a reflection on the world of Trump and apparently his followers. It’s Fundamental, dear Watson. –Curt

        1. I echo that *sigh*. That sinking feeling that somebody’s trying to turn out the lights. Think I might try another Bafflesby satire, nowt else to do but whistle in the dark …

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