Seven With One Blow

I enjoy the challenge of writing acrostic poems. It’s a bit like solving crossword puzzles and, I find, just as addictive. Time therefore to go cold turkey for a while and write posts that are, er, not acrostics. Cast off the shackles, as it were, and stretch my legs a little.

Before I do, though, here is one last self-indulgent splurge. These are written in response to the Daily Prompt word Conjure.

C oncentrate.
O nly attend to
N ow.
J ust let your mind fill
U p and overflow,
R e-arranging
E verything you know.

C ontrast keeps you
O n the straight and
N arrow – rider on the ridge –
J eopardy on either side
U nder a careless sky,
R isking
E verything.

C ome,
N othing!
J oy
U nderstands
R eal
E mptiness.

C an you imagine a world
O pen to every
N ew possibility,
J ust beyond your
U rban wasteland,
R eady for anything
E xcept more abuse?

C abals
O f
N ameless
J okers
U pset
R eal
E ndeavour.

C lever, the acclaimed
O racle who
N ever told the future –
J ust gave
U s recycled versions of the past,
R eckoning we were
E asy enough to confuse.

C haracters encountered
O ver the years are
N ever forgotten,
J ust filed away in
U ncategorised and always
R eady to
E merge in fresh dramas.


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Image:ย YouTube


18 thoughts on “Seven With One Blow

    1. Thanks, Sandra. They can do my head in, as the kids say, but do have one big advantage – they stop me worrying what to say because the format seems to force words into my mouth. It’s like wrestling with a dictionary!

    1. Yes, isn’t it? Glad you liked them. Will no doubt return to the form ere long …
      Just thought of a quote from The Tempest, one of my favourite plays:

      โ€œThis rough magic
      I here abjure …
      … I’ll break my staff,
      Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
      And deeper than did ever plummet sound
      I’ll drown my book.โ€

      Love how Shakespeare uses this as his own goodbye to play-writing …

    1. Ah yes, choice of the path that makes fewest assumptions (says he, pretending a sneaky peek at Google is the same as general knowledge!) – in this case staying on the ridge! I expect this one appealed to your love for the great outdoors, Curt, and glad you enjoyed them.

      1. Right, nothing like hiking ridge lines. Mt. Whitney has one that is maybe five feet wide with a thousand plus foot drop off on each side. Definitely keeps you on the straight and narrow!

          1. There are some things that are better known after the fact. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another thing that can get me excited is wind gusts up on narrow ridges with huge drop offs. โ€“Curt

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