How To Remember – by Brian Sells

M emorising information
N ever gives me aggravation
E xcept for when I try to spell
M menonic. Never rings a bell.
O rthography? You see, that’s easy!
N o other word makes me so queasy.
I f only someone would – but wait!
C ould this verse rescue – whoops, too late!


Image result for nausea



Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Mnemonic

5 thoughts on “How To Remember – by Brian Sells

  1. That really is a tough one, of course, seeing that it has Made You spell it wrong.

    Joking, of course! …You might like to correct that. And when You do it, just erase this comment, please! 🙂

    1. I was trying to think of a realistic-sounding name that also conveyed an idea – in this case Brain Cells.
      Oh, just realised, you probably meant my misspelling of mnemonic – mmenonic. That was intentional to show that I, or rather my idiotic persona, struggled with the spelling and therefore needed the acrostic version to remind me … er, him. Blimey, ain’t life complicated? I’m just going for a little lie down … 🙂

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