These Fokkers Were Messerschmidts

Don’t know about you but I’m drawn to wild and woolly generalisations. I like how they become entangled with one another, thickets of thought that can’t be pulled apart by pedants.

I adore big ideas that rise far above the petty concerns of everyday life like barrage balloons, defying nit-pickers with their puny pop-guns to shoot them down in flames.

My fondest fantasy is of concepts so compelling that divisions in the body politic fade like old scars to reveal the unbroken skin beneath.

Metaphors, huh? Oh well, below are some ideas about art that I came up with a while back, inspired by the haunting music of Riders On The Storm from The Doors. After each idea I have added another phrase, in italics, something I’ve read and remembered that seems to connect with it.  

What it all amounts to is anyone’s guess but, hey, I get a kick out of putting stuff like this together. And it’s a damn sight easier than, er, actually being creative …


hold a mirror up to nature
be true to the earth
intuitions give rise to explanations
first thought best thought
seek unity in diversity
things being various
make new meanings from old ingredients
the proof of the pudding is in the eating
character is choice under pressure
we are what we do
suffering yields insight
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
enact a better world
beneath the pavement the beach
truth is beautiful fiction
trust the tale not the teller
turn subjectivity into objectivity
forget yourself
create as if life depended on it
when you watch the world carefully

the words take care of themselves


After that little lot, there’s no excuse – my next post will have to be a bloody masterpiece!

If you’d like to read my original post, here’s the link:

Image result for book gif


Image: Free Animated Gifs @ Best Animations

7 thoughts on “These Fokkers Were Messerschmidts

    1. Mine too, Curt. For me it’s all about perspective, attempting to transcend an individual point of view and reach something more essential and perhaps universal. ‘Forget yourself’ – some graffiti I saw the other day – seemed to go with that.

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