Claiming the Future

E very single New Year’s Eve,
X avier Dingle likes to believe,
T hose bad old days are gone for good!
R esolutions lift his mood
A nd bring him hopes of bright new dawns –
V istas fresh as summer lawns –
A nd pure scenarios unfold of
G ardens glimpsed in stories told of
A dam and Eve in Paradise.
N ew Year’s Day, XD needs ice
T o ease his pounding headache. Nice.


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Image: TripAdvisor

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10 thoughts on “Claiming the Future

  1. Thanks Dave for ending the year on a high.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world could be put on ice for a year – a breathing space for a bit of quiet calm consideration? A gap year so we can rejoin the fray in 2019 with fresh inspiration and renewed enthusiasm?
    Dream on – in the meantime, Happy New Year.

    1. What a great thought, Mike! I think we should make 2018 a year we all take stock and establish some sustainable long-term aims. Maybe dedicate it to WW1 Armistice … thanks for your support, Mike, happy new year!

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