A Blessing

M ay you find joy
I n the simplest things:
R ain falling on leaves;
A ny gentle surprises;
C hildren laughing together;
U plifting music;
L ife still abundant in
O ceans and forests;
U nconditional loves;
S pellbinding stories.

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Image: Pexels

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10 thoughts on “A Blessing

  1. And communicating with friends!! All miraculous!!

    Just finished the final rewrite of my book – Gordian Not – retitled The Gordian Fetish – which you so kindly read and gave me some pointers on.

    I am going to be relaunching my books under different pen names with different covers in an attempt to create a more professional image and gain a wider audience. My Sci-Fi pen name will be Ron Forsythe (My father and Grandma’s names). This will be the first under that name.

    I hope I have managed to address all the aspects you indicated. I’m really pleased with the outcome.

    Merry Solstice to you Dave!! And thanks for all your great posts over the course of the year.

    1. Seasonal greetings to you, Opher, and thanks for your own always stimulating posts in 2017. Looking forward to next year’s …

      Great news about the new sci-fi novel and thanks for the copy through the post. I look forward to reading it and spotting your improvements to what was already a rich and powerful read. Will send a review to Amazon when I’ve finished it.

      May the muse inspire you oft in 2018!

  2. There are many things to be thankful for, Dave, and you have listed some of my favorites. I am looking forward to your humor, insights and words of wisdom in 2018. The best to you and your family. –Curt

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