Z eitgeist Monitors stationed
O n the third planet report a disturbing displacement
O f natural realities by seductive virtual facsimiles.



An acrostic poem suggested by the WordPress Daily Prompt Zoo and in response to an uneasy feeling that we may be lost in a collective trance of our own devising. At first I thought it was just me but The Who also appear to have noticed something strange …


14 thoughts on “Substitute

  1. Too many thoughts to be expressed here, but let’s just say:

    1) There is a possibility that planet earth is a zoo, being observed by advanced alien forces as they watch our progress.

    2) The use of substitutes is prevalent, perhaps out of convenience, cheapness,and lack? Still, nothing like the real thing 🙂

    3) Damn! Were the Who ever really that young???

    4) For being so young, they sure came up with some deep and thoughtful lyrics.

    Great post as always! 🙂

  2. Cheers, Christine, some fine observations! Pete Townsend who wrote The Who’s songs was an old head on young shoulders. He was encouraged to speak up for his generation, he said, when so many young men told him that ‘Can’t Explain’ vocalised their exact experience …

  3. Number 3 from Christine… My thoughts exactly. Not sure we are being seduced by virtual facsimiles as much as we are being beaten over the head by a stream of obvious lies. Sigh. –Curt

    1. I was thinking of the way imprisoned creatures are offered as a substitute for wild nature, Curt, a kind of self-inflicted delusion. Where this stops and the lies begin is anyone’s guess …

      1. Two thoughts, Dave. One, Washington might be considered a zoo, now, except I wouldn’t want to insult the animals in the zoo. Two, I remember in my drive through East Africa in a VW Bug, that I was the one in the cage while the animals roamed freely. Perspective. 🙂
        Delusion seems to be the name of the game, today. And I wonder if the people doing the deluding and the people being deluded understand just how far from reality they have traveled, if they lie and then believe their lies. –Curt

        1. Indeed. The most convincing liars, I understand, are those who manage to convince themselves they are telling the truth – if only momentarily. Your East Africa insight was intriguing, Curt. Perspective is easy to lose if everyone around you is falling for the same untruths. Whoa, getting dizzy …

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