Sea Change – a story in 100 words

250,000 faces upturned, awaiting his words, their sighs hushed.

He shuffles pages of a speech composed by committee, something for everyone, and begins reading. Each of us leans forward for nourishment, vying to be there first. Scattered cheers ripple up and sink again into a murmuring ocean.

‘Tell them,’ improvises Mahalia Jackson. His gaze drifts from the wordy text to linger on the crowd, as if to draw them closer.

Riff,’ I whisper.

Has he heard? Eyes deep as oceans, he dives down for sunken treasure and surfaces holding pearls.

‘I say to you today, my friends, I have a dream … ‘

Image result for martin luther king i have a dream speech


12 thoughts on “Sea Change – a story in 100 words

          1. There are always folks wandering around who are happy to limit our freedom for their own benefits, or to impose their view on us. Yes, let’s keep watching and acting. –Curt

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