poetry – how wondrous! – for a secular, humanist ritual

Here’s an idea I’m always glad to return to, perfectly described and beautifully exemplified in this post from Opher Goodwin who always seems to be on the same wavelength as me!

Further contributions to our shared secular hymnal gratefully received! Here’s a little offering prompted by today’s WordPress Prompt Egg.

E merge, time-traveller, and in time take your turn to
G enerate your own time-capsule for the future. So Life
G oes on, ever-changing, always the same.

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Image: Pinterest

Opher's World


Secular Rituals

Human beings have a great need for rituals. We go in for uniforms and pageant. Our rituals tend to be militaristic or religious. Dave Kingsbury (of the great blog – A nomad in cyberspace) thought that it would be a great idea to write some secular rituals that acknowledged the wonder of life; rituals that did not require belief, religion or celebrate violence.

It sent me thinking.

This is what came out. I’m not sure if it’s a poem or a secular psalm. I see it as part of a humanist ritual.

How Wondrous

Wondrous it is to open your eyes into this universe of beauty.

Wondrous it is to behold the splendour of the stars, sun, rocks and trees.

Wondrous is the ecstasy of life.

For with our eyes we see,

Our ears we hear,

As all our senses penetrate

The mysteries that surround us.

The wonder…

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6 thoughts on “poetry – how wondrous! – for a secular, humanist ritual

  1. Behold, the moment of creation
    Entering a mere instant in time and yet
    Going on forever
    I wonder if I will arrive at

    Well, Dave, I confess I don’t have a clue, but I thought I would play. 🙂 –Curt

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